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Instant Karma was born in the year 2000 as a joint venture record company with Sony Music. Its first release was the Mercury-nominated Helicopter Girl - its last the international hit (and UK #5) 'Mundian To Bach Ke" by Panjabi MC.

We made some fabulous records in our short life and punctured the charts with more great artists including the mighty I Monster, The Alice Band, Addis Black Widow and Eberg plus modern classics by Caroline Dale, 'highbrow supergroup' Ghostland and many more. 

 A diverse catalogue that now operates under the aegis of sister company Dharma Records.

But that's enough about us. 





Originally a four-piece from Sheffield, Blossomer have been teasing the music world with their extraordinary music for a couple of years, without actually releasing anything, leading to increasingly heightened interest from a&r, booking agents, lawyers and the media at large. During that time their live performances have flourished and their sound has developed over what has been an intense creative period.

And so it comes to pass that Blossomer the band are no more. A line-up change has given way to an exciting shift in musical direction and soon a new entity will rise like Lazarus leaving behind a remarkable yet unreleased body of work.

Enter Instant Karma.

Or should we say re-enter. Instant Karma has reactivated its beloved imprint and is proud to bring you this amazing record.

blossomer cover2crop str.jpg


by Blossomer

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